Sunday, February 3, 2013

Welcome to my blog

Hello.  I am very new to this blogging thing.  So here goes....

I am Tracey White.  On several boards, I am known as queenof2802.  I decided on that name as a joke.  My daughter, who is now 17, says that she is queen of our house.  She is our only daughter, so as the story goes, she IS her daddy's little girl.  So, needless to say, she started calling herself the queen of our house.  I beg to differ.  I am and will always be the queen.  Our house address is 2802.  And that's the end of that!

Who is Tracey White?  I am the wife of Todd, 22 years this coming June.  We have two children.  Logan, 18, is a senior this year.  I have already introduced Ashlea.  She is a junior.  We have 3 pets, Reese the dog, Camo the cat, and Dutches the bunny.  I do have a full time job. 

How did I get started in crafting, you ask?  My grandmother, Nancy Lee Osborne was my mentor.  I did EVERYTHING she did.  Quilting was her craft.  She belonged to the UMW group at her church which had an active, and do I mean active quilting bee.  They put in 10 quilts a year.  One each month except for June and December.  Why those months off?  The Annual Barbeque where they auctioned off all of the quilts made from July to May was held in June and Christmas holiday in December.  My mother was our Brownie Leader and she always had some sort of craft for us to do from paper-crafting to stitching something.  We made ornaments to our own vest to display our badges earned.

Enough about me for now.